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Home Staging Services
Main Street Staging believes that every home should be staged prior to listing it, no matter the size or price of the property.  
Our creative home staging services will:

  • Maximize your staging budget by creatively using what you already own and supplementing with our extensive inventory
  • Prepare the home to look exceptional in photos and marketing
  • Assess and compare today's trends and colors to make your property feel fresh and modern
  • Highlight and showcase the architectural details and the best selling features of the property
  • Increase marketability and sales potential of the home

  • Help to update, upgrade, and stage your home where necessary to create that "model home' look
  • Prepare your buyers to show the property with tricks and tips to reduce stress
  • Prepare the home to show beautifully and help buyers make an emotional connection with the space
  • Sell the property more quickly and more profitably
  • Neutralize any one particular style and make the home broadly appealing

Staging sells homes faster and for more money
Home Staging Services:
Strategic Staging Consultation: 
The Staging Consultation includes a detailed report with a prioritized list of staging recommendations sent to both the homeowner and agent.  We provide a creative and strategic staging plan to help your home show beautifully and maximize your market potential.  A staging consultation takes between 1 and 2 hours.  
Vacant Home Staging: We will create warm, inviting living spaces using our own furniture, artwork, and accessories.  The home staging will set the stage, inviting potential buyers to imagine their furnishings in the space and create a lifestyle that they will want to call home. Our goal is to highlight the important architectural details and focal points throughout your home.  We offer an extensive inventory of furniture, art, and accessories to complement every style and price point.  We work within your budget to maximize the marketability of your Denver/Boulder home. 

Key Room Home Staging: 
In order to stay on budget and still increase the marketability and appeal of your home, we will stage only a few specific "accent" rooms in your home.  Our team will work it's staging magic and stage key rooms.  This typically includes those rooms that your buyers will first see as they enter your property:  entry, living room, dining room, and/or kitchen and frequently includes the master bedroom and bathroom, as well. 
Occupied Home Staging:  If you are currently living in your home, we will help you set up a showing routine that will maximize the potential of your home while minimizing family.  We work to organize, de-clutter, rearrange, renew and set up the furniture, and accessories to best showcase the home. 
Fix and Flip Home Staging Consultations
We have over 15 years of real estate investment experience.  We specialize in renovation opportunities and how to maximize your investment dollar.  We have an extensive list of qualified and cost-effective contractors, including construction, drywall, flooring, plumbing, electricians, painters, and landscapers. We can also help you stage your renovated home in a budget-minded manner to maximize your profit.  
Color, Finish, and Fixture Consultations: 
We assist you in picking just the right finishes for your home.  Many of our clients are updating their current homes or moving into brand new homes.  We work closely with you to select the finishes that truly reflect you, work within your budget, and ensure that all of your updates work together.  

Move-In Home Staging and Design:
When you are ready to move into your new home, our team will help you with furniture arrangement, art placement and finding the perfect place for those items that you treasure.  We will bring your new home to life ~ with your unique style and personality. 

Personalized Home Staging Shopping Services: 
We can help you shop for the perfect home staging accessories, furniture and/or art ~within your budget~to give your existing or newly designed rooms that finishing touch.  
Main Street Staging has been staging homes in Denver for over 10 years.   
Main Street Staging, Inc.

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