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Our Story

Debbie Miller, Lead Stager

Debbie grew up all over the US, moving every two years as a child.  She thinks that her mom may be the OG (Original Gangsta) Stager!  After graduating from Villanova and starting a career in sales and marketing, Debbie jumped into the Denver real estate market by starting a home inspection company, a renovation company for fixing and flipping homes and finally a home staging company.  When Debbie is not staging or watching JoJo and Chip on HGTV, she is hanging out with her husband, two sparkly daughters, and two precious rescue dogs!


Our team has been staging homes for sale in the Denver and Boulder markets since 2006.  We absolutely love what we do!  Main Street Staging has a extensive warehouse of current and on-trend furnishings, artwork, and accessories to ensure that every home, no matter the size or style, is staged to have amazing energy, design, and style.  We'd love to talk to you about your real estate staging needs and how our team can help you transform your home!

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