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Founder Debbie Miller

Our Story

Debbie  Miller,  Founder and Lead Stager

Staging a home is not just about décor; it's about the emotional connection we infuse into every space.


From the moment a buyer steps through the door, they're not just seeing a house; they're envisioning their future. That's the magic we bring to each space we stage.


Main Street Staging has an extensive warehouse of current and on-trend furnishings, artwork, and accessories to ensure that any home can be staged to have amazing energy, design, and style.


We named our company Main Street Staging with the idea that every town has a main street – a heart at the center. We want to help your home have that same heart.


My husband and I started in 2006 with our own fix and flip company renovating homes for sale. It was a tough market and only the best looking, most marketable homes were selling. So we learned how to make our homes dazzle in photos and in person. Let us help bring some dazzle to your home – and get top dollar in return.


When we are not staging, my husband and I love to spend time in the mountains camping or on a lake paddle boarding.  If we are super lucky, our two daughters and two precious rescue dogs are along for the fun.

We'd love to talk to you about your real estate staging needs and how our team can help your space be the one potential buyers are clamoring for. 

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