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Stage. Decorate. Organize

Professional Services

  • Staging Consultations

  • Hands-on Staging Services

  • Furniture, Artwork, and Accessories Rental

  • Home Organizing 

  • Short-Term Rental Design and Setup

  • Redesign and Interior Decorating

  • Handyman and Haul Away Services


Staging Consultations

Detailed Room by Room Report

Our team will create a custom staging plan that is unique to your specific home and targeted buyer.  Working closely with home sellers, Realtors, renovators, house flippers, and builders, we provide a detailed step-by-step staging plan that will identify the most desirable features of the home and how to best highlight each one.  Most consultations take 1-1.5 hours and costs start at $275.

Occupied Home Staging

Hands-on Staging

Once we create a detailed staging plan, our team will roll up our sleeves and implement the staging design for you!  We will rearrange, organize, and style your home so it is ready for photos and staged to show beautifully.  We maximize our seller's budget by using their own furniture and accessories to create a warm, inviting energy in the home.  If necessary, we can add artwork, accessories, and even furniture to compliment and complete the staging plan. 

  • Half-day Staging with 2 Stagers starting at $450. 

  • Full-day Staging with 2 Stagers starting at $900.  



Vacant Home Staging

Styled and Staged using Main Street Staging's Extensive Inventory

We will preview your vacant property and create a full and robust staging plan to showcase the home and highlight the important architectural details and showcase the best aspects of the property.  Our team will select the perfect modern, stylish pieces for your home, deliver, set up and stage your home so that it shines.  Our staging will add vibrancy, color, and functionality to every space in your home so that it appeals to the broadest number of potential buyers.    Our goal is to help your home sell quickly and at top of market to maximize your equity!


Interior Decorating and Redesign

We will help you create the home of your dreams

Our design team will help you to reimagine, redesign, and maximize your existing furniture and décor.  We specialize in "designing on a dime" and maximizing your budget while helping to create the home of your dreams.  Adding color, texture, and infusing the home with your personality and treasures, will help us to elevate your home to the magic place that you have always imagined.

Photo Prep and Styling

Your professional fluffers!

With our busy Denver market, many buyers are making purchasing decisions based solely on the photographs.  In fact, we have staged several homes that buyers have bid on based only on the photographs.  We will arrange, design, stage, and perfect every detail in your space prior to the professional photography.  Our photo prep and styling service ensures that each property will photograph and show beautifully.  Prices starting at $200.  

Furniture, Artwork, and Accessories Rental

Main Street Staging uses only the most stylish, on-trend, and modern pieces in our privately owned staging inventory

After 14 years of staging, our team has learned what truly showcases a home and makes buyers connect and fall in love with a property.  That is why we own an extensive inventory of modern, stylish furniture, art, and accessories to showcase any style of home and at every price point.  Vacant homes do not show well, and when a home is left empty, buyers will focus on every flaw.  Staging creates a home environment that will help buyers imagine living in the space and showcases the best aspects of the home while minimizing any flaws.


Handyman Services

It's All in the Details

Why does a buyer fall in love with one home over another?  We think that it's all in the details!  It important to fix any broken items in the home, but also it makes a huge impact to update light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and door/cabinet  hardware whenever possible.  Fresh paint, updates, and landscaping are all part of our attention to detail service.  Let our handyman team help your home shine brighter than all of the others. 

Prices starting at $50/hour.

Short Term Rental
Design and Setup

Attract the Perfect Guest or Buyer

Airbnb and Model Home Staging has become an exciting new part of our business.  Our airbnb design team will provide a detailed room-by-room design plan to help create a light, whimsical, thoughtful, and functional space that guests will love.  Our team will help select furnishings, finishes, and décor items for a memorable guest experience.
For our model home clients, our model home design team will create a full and robust modem home design with neutral tones and transitional furnishings that will appeal to the broadest of potential buyers.  Our design will add functionality, vibrancy, and color to every room.

Home Organization

Simplify and Declutter

We offer a fun, motivational, and non-judgmental approach to simplify, declutter, and organize your space!  Our organizational services start with an in-person or virtual consultation to talk about your goals and dreams...and then we get to work on making it happen.  We can help with consignment and selling of items, as well as, donation and haul-away services.  Packing and unpacking, and shopping services are also available.

Prices starting at $50/hour.  

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